Real Feel Golf Mats

Nyc Metro Area

Can't always make it out to the golf course? Fortunately, there is still a way for golfers to practice in or outside the home at any time. Golf mats have become the answer for practicing when the schedule or weather does not permit golfers to visit a golf course. The country club elite golf mats have multiple advantages that will help golfers practice and improve their golf game. The special features in the country club elite mats make golfers seem like they are golfing right on the golf course.

A few of the special features of the mat are among the following:

Accepts real golfing tees
Dense fiber system provides a no bounce effect
Designed to be easy on the wrists and on the elbows
No wear and tear
Allows golfers to swing down and through the ball
True divot action
Endures through rain
Quickly dries when wet
Special warranties come with the mat (duration of warranty depends on mat size usually)

These quality real feel golf mat reviews were the first mats ever designed to take a real tee. For approximately 9 years now, the popular mat has become a necessity for top teaching pros in the world. The mats are seen at various country clubs and are the favorite of countless golf enthusiasts throughout the world. Most mats for golfing only last a couple weeks before they are too damaged to use. However, the country club elite mats are made out of the most endurable materials that will last golfers an extremely long duration of time. The mats normally have the average lifespan of 2-5 years. In fact, customers have been so pleased with the endurance and quality golfing experience the mats provide that they have sent in testimonials of their positive experiences with the mats. Because of this, the mats are currently used in some of today's best facilities throughout the world used by 4 out of the 5 top teachers from the Golf Digest Top Teacher List.

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