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In fashion curls! And you only pad for straightening hair? Do not worry! With its on power, too, can make a perm. Yes, some creative! There is, for at least three to soba how
To curl hair with s by means of forceps-ironing. Tell about all three.

We will move from simple to complex. Did you select the one with at GSS, which you most by Artist? Or maybe you have to mix it glows with all these three steps. For all three
With at sober waving at m on pad is required for hair spray and heat protection for hair.

With software GSS 1.
Quick and complex. It will take no more than 5 minutes. Step 1. Divide the hair’s on the strand. If the hair a little bit - just three sections. If the hair’s thick - four or five.

Step 2. Determine the height at the chi on which I for perforation is just past perm. Grab on strand at this altitude. Pad perpendicular to keep curls. Then put the
pad down movement in the vertical for the position, while making one revolution around its axis.

Step 3. Again intercept pad horizontally to position and at the second step 2. So you have to glows like spiral of loco on. Step 4. You have to Oldie to shine on covey curls,

Step 5. Carefully separate the curls with your fingers. Secure varnish for hair weak fixing.

Beautiful curls are ready, without curlers, and just 5 minutes!

With software FDS 2.
Live "beach" curls.
Step 1. On m on to finer strands than in the first case.

Step 2. Need to twist a tourniquet. Each new round of "fix"

Step 3. Spirals will on the whole length of the strands. End strands cannot touch it, it will create a special "beach" chic.

Step 4. Done! It remains to fix the weak varnish for hair. Hold such hair, by the way, even longer than on the stranded on the tongs and hair curlers.

With software GSS 3.
The new technique, on dhoti for thin and thick no hair. Adds volume.

Step 1. On the thin strands twist on the finger and attach to the roots of the hair.

Step 2. Continue until at p, for kea not to turn all the hair s. Lower locks on animate upward to be fixed to the roots of the hair. This will give volume at the roots.

Step 3. Take a pad and press each roll hair. How would. It is better that the pad on the entire roll fell entire

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