Chip Walters


My love for Hawaii started at a very young age when my mother was watching the movie South Pacific. I remember being in awe of the beauty, fell in love with the culture and how beautiful the Hawaiian Islands looked on film. Over the years of my youth, I looked for pictures of the Hawaiian Islands and marveled at the pure natural beauty and in 1981 I made my first trip. That was the start of something beautiful and a love affair with the Hawaiian Islands that will last a lifetime! Since 1981, I have made 59 trips to the Hawaiian Islands, have visited every island and explored them with a gusto that few have. I have taken over 59,000 pictures in Hawaii since 1981 and a friend of mine finally convinced me to share these stunning pics with the world. The pictures on this site are real, undoctored and represent Hawaii as it was ment to be seen! What you see is what nature intended for our eyes to gaze upon and it is important for me to present these pics as they are ment to be seen.

I feel that a picture is something that is natural; no photo shop, no doctoring of anykind and only what my eyes see. While photo shop is great, it's not natural. I will present pictures of Hawaii and take you to places most people never see on their trips to Hawaii. I get up at 4 am and get to places in the early morning light. I hike miles to get the right shot at the right spot. I love Hawaii and its land, sea, people and wish to represent Hawaii in its natural state and vibrant life.

Please take a journey with me as I present to you...Hawaii and all of its glory!!!

-Chip Walters