Best Kukri Knife

Kukri knife is a kind knife that is widely used in Nepal and other South Asian countries, those are neighbor of Nepal. History says that kukri knife is originated or invented in Nepal. There are some other opinions too. But vast quantity of using of kukri knife in Nepal declares that it is traditionally their cutting tool. The Nepalese people widely use it in their regular tasks. While roaming in the hills and forests in search of food, they use kukri knife for cutting wooden brunches of the trees.

It is very useful in case of dangers too. Nepalese people use it for fighting against snakes and ferocious animals like tiger, bear, wolf etc. In occasions like wedding and many other traditional rituals a program with kukri is a must. Because of being traditionally used in their regular life now kukri knife becomes the weapon of Nepalese Army. The Gurkha regiments of Royal British Army use it as their regular weapon. Gurkha regiments become famous through the world and this knife got its fame by holding their hand. This traditional knife got some other names all over the world such as Gurkha blade’, Gurkha knife etc.

In the market many kind of kukri knife is found. They vary from weight, color, length and shape. You have to select which kukri is perfect for your desire.
A kukri knife is not an ordinary cutting tool. It’s a symbol of your passion and choice.