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We opened our doors in 2012, but we've pressure cleaning before then. It was during those formative years that we honed our skills perfecting the art of pressure cleaning, high pressure washing, paint preparation, and asphalt cleaning all over the Miami, Florida metro area.

We dont just clean with pressure washing machines, we make properties increase in value. We're like investors. We see a problem and we perform a solution.

We take nasty, black, and grimy sidewalks and restore them to a beautiful walk way for citizens to enjoy again. Alot of times people may not notice that a piece of property needs a wash, until Miami's Best Pressure Washing services it. Then its night and day.

Therefore if you own a home in Coral Gables or a shopping plaza in Little Havana, it would be our pleasure to serve you.

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We've been doing this for over half a decade and take great pride in serving the good people of South Miami, (West) Kendall, Coral Gables, North Miami, Homestead, Cutler Ridge, Westchester and the nearby Miami, FL metro area.

When it comes to pressure washing, we do it all. Literally! But here's why most people call us - for pressure washing:

Houses (No house is too big or too small)

Duplexes (We have a team that bangs out duplexes all day)

Exteriors (We've been hired by the county to pressure clean graffiti off walls)

Roofs (We specilize on roof cleaning)

Driveways (We make sure to remove the oil spill and grime)

Pool decks (Pool decks come back to life with our treated environmental friendly solutions)

Lanais Fences (We didnt know what these were when hired to clean them)

Pavers (The minerals in the rocks shine once theyve been cleaned)

Decks (SImilar to pool decks)

Walkways (Dade County schools)

Sprinkler rust removal (Iron Oxide Removal)

Construction cleanup (Heavy duty washing and clean up)

Ideas (We actually know our stuff)

Consultation (We offer free advice)

Touch ups (Things need touch ups sometimes)

Bonding (Prepartion is key)

Coating (Cleaning off debris is crucial for a coat of paint)

Other cool deck coatings (Decks get hit hard with the sun)

Drains ( They get clogged)

Sealer (Bonding)

Repainting (Prepping)

Resurfacing (Down to the cleanest layer)

What cities do you serve?

We have done jobs all over Dade County, especially anything in or around Miami, FL, including: South Miami, Coral Gables, West Kendall, Kendall, Westchester.


2288 SW 16th Ct

Miami, FL 33145


(786) 329-4404