Have kids in the family?

Designing and furnishing a kids’ room is no joke! There are so many things that you should consider and safety is the utmost. If you have more than one kid in the room, you can plan well for the beds. Space saving, being the key in all the rooms of all the houses, bunk beds are a very good option. When you have something like thins planned, you should make sure that the kid does not have vertigo or the fear of heights. It is preferred to have the elder kid sleeping on the top bunk bed.

How safe is the bunk bed?

The safety that the bunk bed provides will depend on the type of bed that you have purchased and the maintenance that you provide to it. You should have regular checks on the ladder if it connected with the help of screws. On the other hand, the height of the bed too is a matter of concern. It should not be too high or close to the ceiling. This is because the fan will hurt the child if he or she stands up on the bed. If the room does not have a fan, then it is still better. It is always preferred to have these design beds made of wood as they provide a level of stability to the Homelegance furniture. However, they are available in metal as well as wood. All you have to do is choose one within your budget.

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