Barry Bestpitch

Barry Bestpitch has helped a wide range of businesses launch, re-brand, and flourish. Barry has worked in various business development , marketing positions and executive staff positions. He is strong at writing business plans and proposals as well as aiding with your funding search. Barry has acted as a coach and mentor to many business owners and executives.

His expertise is in business strategies and transformations and he has an extensive track record in growing businesses through creative new solutions. Although Barry was raised in the "traditional" media era, he has built many web and social media outlets. Barry has succeeded in using combinations of "old and new media" to deliver huge increases in lead volume and sales for a variety of businesses. His process is based on four key steps — Imagine, Focus, Buzz and Profit.

Among his corporate accomplishments is the launch of some the first visions of online banking, maintenance companies, and service companies. He has also developed many plans, tactical and strategic, researched and launched numerous new products/services, played the lead role in Wells Fargo and Levi Strauss' IT roll-out.

Barry holds an BA in Business Administration from of the University of North Florida in Jacksonville, FL. Continued education is important to Barry and he just recently finished two classes at Harvard Business School, Innovating in Healthcare and US Healthcare Policy.

Barry is a highly qualified senior executive offering more than 20 years experience of a variety of high-tech companies. Practiced in Executive Operations, IT, Sales and Marketing operations management within a diversified range of services and industry. Result-focused and an efficient leader with proven ability to build or turnaround companies, information technology and service departments. Talent for proactively identifying and resolving problems, reverse negative sales and service trends while controlling cost, automating systems, maximizing productivity and increasing customer satisfaction. Able to analyze business models and needs, then design a technology that streamlines and enhances that company.

Working as an independent Consultant for a variety of clients providing CEO, CIO, EVP of Sales and Marketing, IT Support and special projects. Often times, companies are not in a position to have an executive management person at a strategic level.

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