best power washers

In this section, let us learn some basic features provided by the power washer buyer’s guide. Firstly, you need to decide on the engine type whether it is electric or gasoline. It is best to choose the unit based on PSI rather than looking at the specifications of the engine. However, if you have decided to purchase gasoline, ensure it has low oil pressure alarm and shutoff protection. Secondly, like PSI of the engine, pick the cleaner based on GPM that is provided by the pump instead of the details of the pump.

Thirdly, there are different nozzle types available that is best for various jobs. Normally, the nozzles are specified as degrees or angles. Bigger the degree the wider the sheet of water it would spray. A zero angled nozzle would shoot just a straight and pw review king direct flow of water whereas a 45 degree angled sprays a wider sheet of water and covers a wider area. Lastly, all pressurized units take input of water up to 40 degree C. Some heat up the water by 70 degree C. Anytime, it is hot water that cleans the surface faster.

What should be considered while looking at a pressurized cleaner?

There are three components that should be considered while looking at a pressurized cleaner. For any gas powered cleaner, primary concern is the horsepower of the engine as it creates both pressure and volume. In most of the cheaper models, pressure is high without proportional increase in the Horsepower. This is something that should be watched out.

If you have the required Horsepower for the GPM and PSI rating then you have the powerful cleaner. GPM (gallons per minute) determines how much water the cleaner can expel in one minute. Secondly, it is important to consider PSI. Although PSI is least important of all the 3 measurements, it matters a lot. When there is enough GPM and HP, having PSI still matters. But without the other 2, it hardly matters. Lastly, the better way to measure the cleaner is to multiply the Psi and the GPM. Together, it can show how effective the cleaner is. Compare this with the Horsepower rating and you will get an idea of the power the cleaner processes.

What are the ways to winterize a pressurized cleaner?

With the change in weather, extra care is needed to survive until the next season. Firstly, start the process of winterizing the cleaner by flushing the chemical injector and pump with sufficient water. Next, p