Best Realistic Sex Dolls

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Visit my company website provides men with real life reviews and ratings of the latest lifelike and life size silicone love dolls for sale.

Best Realistic Sex Dolls was started by Jeff Brown in 2011 when he first started researching love dolls.

Unable to find any good quality online reviews, he started buying his own rubber, silicone and TPE sex dolls and providing detailed reviews and ratings of each and every one of them.

His mission was to not only make it super easy for everyone else to quickly determine which adult doll was the best for them, but to also make owning a realistic human doll as normal as possible.

Society has painted the picture that owning a life size adult doll is for sickos and perverts, but Jeff discovered the opposite.

His research involved thousands of hours learning everything he could about sex dolls and the people that own them and what he discovered was that 95% of lifelike adult doll owners are normal functioning adults. They hold jobs, the have families and they all contribute to society.

Case in point, Jeff is married to the woman he loves and has two great kids. But like most men, he has a high sex drive and would love to be intimate with his wife every night if she was up for it. But like most married women, his wife would be just fine with only having sex once a week or even once a month. Raising two kids is exhausting and the last thing on her mind at the end of the day is nookie.

Because Jeff loves his wife, he had absolutely no interest in cheating on her, but his sexual frustration was driving him crazy and adversely effecting their marriage.

Masturbation helped but it was no substitute for "the real thing", so he started looking into the next best thing: a realistic sex doll. He was amazed that he could find one that looked very similar to his wife so he could imagine he was actually having sex with her.

But the first couple of adult love dolls he bought were complete trash and fell apart within a couple of months. Not only was this an expensive endeavor, but a frustrating one at that. Jeff soon realized that the lack of a sex doll review site was a serious hinderance to people being able to find the right one for them quickly and easily and set out to create just that.

Today, is the #1 sex doll review site that has helped over 28,000 buyer