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Hi there. My name is "Paschalis" but my friends call me "Lee" or "Best Riven". The reason I choosed to have a nickname "Best Riven EUNE" is because my friends called me "Best Riven" because of my plays also "EUNE" is from the server. I am born on 20/10/1998, nothing special but I play "League Of Legends" for fun. I really enjoy this game. Anyway! If you want duo I don't need payment, I can duo for free or if you could gift me I would be thankful. I am playing since "Season 2". Reached "Diamond Tier" on "EUW Server" and I gaveaway my account. Now Im playing on "EUNE Server" with my "Gold Tier" account. Hope I will meet you in server. Im also known as "westadmin". Many people ask me if I stream, the answear is no. I don't want to stream. Also I have to admit im a huge fan of "Best Riven NA" I watch his streams when I have time, he is also 4 days older than me. Um also if you want to contact me do it, inbox me via my Facebook Page. Languages I know English and Greek. Thanks for your time reading this!

MY OFFICIAL NAME IS "The Riven EUNE" and can find me on EUNE!

P.S. Make sure to visit my Facebook Page, available link now!

Best Regards,

Best Riven EUNE (Lee :D)

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