Bestroom Co. Ltd


Bestroom Co. Ltd. is a UV system company that specializes in researching and producing UV coating inks and hardening units. We endeavor to make our production processes more secure by designing a UV system that is appropriate for consumers' situations and applications.

Bestroom was established in 2001 for making special coating for glass, mirror, ceramics, PVC, PE, etc. Bestroom's UV technology has been accumulated by research and development based on the organic and inorganic compound materials for 10 years. We adopt a unique system of management that can differentiate its own production capacity and quality from others by creating various items possible via only one system, and this is important because the application of all production lines with the UV system and has never been found in the UV coating ink and hardening units industry.

Our products are used by company such as Samsung, Hansam, Enex etc. and in countries including Japan. With the belief that our customer's success is our success, all our employees will make consistent efforts.