Ryan Best

Alpine Utah

Tagline: It's always either too much or not enough right? Google in the olden days drove sales on your website. But it is not working like it used to. Over time I have learned what is working all the time. I call it traffic. I am the ecommerce expert with Search, Display, Retargeting, Google Shopping, and Conversion Optimization. If you are not optimizing bid prices, keywords, negative keywords and text ads, you will lose sales. I specialize in helping you get your campaign on track me. Introduction: May be hard to believe but I think less is better and I am working on it. I am a serial entrepreneur with all the scars to prove it. Starting before college I lived in Chile Santiago for 25 months and learned Spanish. It helped renew my hope in this beautiful life. I started business in 2001 dropping me out of college. That first company grew and grew (I think we had perfect blind luck) Me and my business partners sold more cell phones west of of the mississippi than anyone (said with a country acsent) I was The first salesperson on the planet to sell a mobile phone in a Wal-Mart. They didn't think at the time it was something that justified the floor space. After cellular telephones I moved on to aggregating bank price feeds with a proprietary retail high frequence trading foreign exchange software. Linked-in read all about it. I get calls still today asking for consulting, but I couldn't give it away then I try not to return to vomit. Today I am a Father with a wife and 3 kids. Wife also an Entrepreneur? Yep. cosmetic company selling nail polish and glitter. "Businesses are shinny objects" -me A SEO company was built by accident way back in 1999 with my 1st cellular accessory website called gizmos. The internet marketing world was always a department in my past to keep the other companies advertising budget in check. Now I'ts a lifestyle business. SEO, Social, the Web in general is the communication of the future. I find it comparable to the cellphone revolution I have witnessed between 1999-2014. Bragging rights: Was ban on Twitter for using hashtags (before people used hashtags all day everyday) 2nd try: I bought Don Draper's Cadillac. It's the company car today gmap us.

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