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Web Developer and Project Manager in Greenwich, Connecticut

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SEO, Web Developer, Internet Marketer, Off Page-On Page,

Back Link, GEO Tag Setup, Link Building, Citation Audit, Website Audit



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Search Engine Optimization “SEO ” is a much used term however without a realistic job description that clearly sets out your expectations in this fast changing enviromnent you may run the risk of hiring someone with an “out of date” skill set and approach.

We would say that the role of the SEO manager has developed hugely since the early days of the internet.

SEO was established in the early days. As soon as there was content on the web it needed to be found – as quickly and efficiently as possible – and so website optimization developed and along came the seo specialist

The best candidates and jobs are now strategic as well as technical and analytic…… A big challenge that deserves some big personal performances. In fact it makes you wonder if the simple term “SEO” does the job justice any more?

As the internet has grown in size and sophistication so has the role of the SEO expert. In the early days it tended to be very on-site focussed e.g. :-

Key word research


Sitemap building and submit

Original material and content

Make the architecture search friendly

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