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If you have been doing business with an SEO company for some time you might not think that you need an SEO consultant. Even companies like rankpop don’t seem like they offer many consulting services, because all you hear about are their SEO direct services. If you read an SEO company blog or two every so often you’ll hear far more about how to optimize your website than finding an SEO consultant. Any online SEO company that has been in the industry very long knows that one of the first rules of being an internet marketing SEO company is to give the customers what they want…and it looks like more and more they are looking for consultants!

Top rated SEO companies have responded to this demand and their company for SEO services packages are changing to reflect this need. SEO service companies are having to adapt and become consulting companies as well, partner with a consulting company or individual consultant, or at least offer some sort of consulting service as a part of their SEO packages. Beware cheap SEO companies who claim that they are offering consultant services, either alone or as a part of one of their packages. These companies typically outsource their services to other, less meticulous companies and this can lead to trouble. Often these companies and their employees are not native English speakers and are still trying to service an English-speaking client. This is almost always a recipe for trouble as the quality of such services is rarely high. With Google’s insistence that everything be as high quality as possible (links, content, etc) any areas where quality is lacking can be like targets painted on your website’s back.

You need an SEO consultant because they can offer you the kind of specialized insight that can really help your business grow. SEO consultants often work alongside or within SEO service companies because their services are so valuable but often people do not understand the distinction and only wish to hire one company that can do more for them than spend the money on two companies that while still providing essential services, are going to need to be managed and paid for separately. An SEO consultant can be a very important part of your SEO strategy, and if you want them to be able to do their best work they need to be brought in at the start of a project so that they can see what has already been done and what needs to be c