Rose Tim

Hi! Rose here, I like freshly blend smoothies & juices. It's a quick & easy way to get daily nutrition in your diet. You can blend smoothies with season fruits and vegetables without extra sugary substance at home. Me and my family & friends love it a lot and there is always a smoothie suitable for every weather condition. One thing you need to make smooth smoothies at home is a best smoothie blenderwhich is a good one time investment in my opinion.

Sometimes I feel like substituting green smoothies for breakfast but always throw in some extra protein substance like rolled oats, brown rice or whey protein powder. Some of my favorite smoothie additives are flax seeds, chia seeds, or hemp. They not only boost the nutritional values but also improve digestion and maintain weight.

I could see why people are leery about these green juices, they doubt if something so green will be tasteful. Honestly even I had that same suspicion and tried myself. Now I see the healthy goodness and the creamy deliciousness and started loving them.