Similar to Facebook, Twitter marketing is also a widely accepted internet marketing method. Twitter has a huge fan base which exceeds 500 million registered users. If someone thinks to promote his business on Twitter, he has the opportunity to present his business in a market that he cannot imagine. Fortunately, many businesses use this inexpensive, but brilliant resource to enhance their business presence. People use Twitter to send tweets about their daily schedules and latest updates. Business firms also can use Twitter to post details about their businesses with relevant links. Here are some few marketing strategies that should be implemented on Twitter in order to achieve success.

Update the Twitter account regularly by posting tweets. Listen to other’s comments and respond to them properly. The main aim behind these responses is building strong customer care and building strong relationships with potential customers.

Promote special discounts and free offers on Twitter. Your business will get a good attention of Twitter users, and many will become your followers because people always like to have free offers.

Without posting business related stuff all the time, make sure to share some useful and informative content with followers. It will encourage your followers to interact with you in an active manner. It is a good way to spread your business messages among more people and to increase your website traffic.

Always try to add more followers to your Twitter account. Buy some followers if possible. You can do it effectively through

Without always trying to promote your Twitter account on the same platform, try to promote it through other social media like Facebook. Hence, connect your different business accounts together on different social networks. It helps to maintain them easily, and to expand the business exposure.

Without just posting on Twitter and replying to followers, make sure to analyze tweets and comments you receive. It is a good way to improve your promotional strategies and identify customer needs. It also helps to identify possible sales leads and business opportunities.