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Read my blog is a place where you can find carefully made reviews on popular timepieces which may interest you as a buyer or a watch enthusiast and help you in making your choice particularly in online shopping.

Besides doing a critic on popular brands our concern is also opening the doors to some lesser known models or brands that were, maybe, unjustly obscured in today’s market and deserve to have little more attention on their qualities. We are, however, aware that not everything on the market is praiseworthy and that light should also be shed on the defects and bad sides which marketing agencies carefully try to hide and therefore we aspire to be realistic with our recommendations and warn you about possible cons, hazards and deceives in today’s insecure market.

Tons of brands and models exist today and choosing the timepiece that suits you best is not always easy. Of course, the difficulty of choosing the right watch does not lie in the taste of a byer. It is not hard to spot the most likable watch among those pictured in a shop, but what lies behind the picture is what we bring to our readers, since online shopping always presented a risk and a dose of uncertainty for customers. There are a lot of high quality timepieces but also a ton of overrated garbage. In order to provide you with quality reviews and buyer guides, and make choosing an appropriate timepiece a bit easier to you, besides thoroughly researching the product, our staff also does extensive research of customer’s feedback.

All of our reviews are written by staff and our goal is to show you that good and lasting watch doesn’t have to be expensive.Our reviews are always objectiveand you will find out how good presented watches really are, what makes them good or bad and what customers say about them. This will help you compare and pick the best watch for you, your family or friends.

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