Efren Kendrick

E cigs are a great innovation designed to give adult smokers a safer choice when it comes to enjoying nicotine and the habitual aspects of smoking. If you are an adult smoker who wants to reduce the amount of harm done to you and your surroundings by tobacco cigarettes, you should look into e cigs, the safer smoking alternative. Not only are e cigs less harmful than tobacco cigarettes, they are also less expensive. In fact, you can save as much as seventy five percent of the amount you are now paying for tobacco cigarettes. On top of that, experts in the field of tobacco harm say that e cigs are about a thousand times safer than cigarettes, and they are even safer than prescription smoking cessation aids. Read on to find out why.

Tobacco Cigarettes = Fire, Poison & Loss Of Control

When you smoke a tobacco cigarette, you are a fire hazard. That's one safety consideration right up front. On top of that, you are inhaling more than four thousand poisons that include pesticides and a cocktail of carcinogens, and you are poisoning everybody and everything around you.

Additionally, with tobacco cigarettes you really don't have any control over the amount of nicotine you consume. The tobacco industry controls the amount, and they have been steadily increasing it for years.

Pharmaceutical smoking cessation products don't just contain nicotine. They contain a lot of additives, fillers and other chemicals that can be harmful. Additionally, some of the prescription drugs for smoking cessation have a reputation for causing dangerous, aberrant behavior such as aggression and even suicide.

When you smoke an e cig, you are not going to start a fire. There isn't any fire with e cigs. They are battery operated, and instead of inhaling toxic smoke you inhale a water vapor that contains food grade ingredients and pharmaceutical grade nicotine in exactly the amount you select. The ingredients used in electronic cigarettes have been safely used in asthma inhalers, cosmetic products and foods for decades. There is nothing carcinogenic in e cigs, and the vapor they produce will not harm people, pets and personal property around you.