Best Wine

As a longtime wine lover, I share a common experience with many wine enthusiasts: I’ve set out to find the perfect bottle of wine for dinner, a special occasion, or a party, and walked into my local grocery store to face shelves upon shelves of wine. Overwhelmed by the array of choices, with no basis to judge quality or originality, I grab a few familiar bottles or take my chances on an unfamiliar label–for better or for worse. Like most wine enthusiasts, I love to discover new wines from a variety of regions, but I don’t want to risk buying a bad bottle, either for myself or for sharing with company. Enter the modern day wine club.

I love the idea that wine experts can help me choose my next great bottle, and you can’t beat the convenience of high-quality wine delivered right to your door. Many wine clubs pride themselves of the exceptional value of their offerings, and are able to slash prices by delivering wine directly to consumers and cultivating close relationships with wineries and winemakers. My wine club subscriptions have introduced me to a huge variety of amazing wines, including hidden gems from boutique and independent wineries that I would never find in a retail store. I’m a huge fan of red wines from California, so I selected a wine club with an emphasis on the Napa and Sonoma regions. No matter what kind of wine lover you are–whether you like to sample wines nationally and internationally, or you like to stick to your tried-and-true favorite varietals–there’s a wine club for every palate and preference. There are even wine clubs that specialize in vegan, organic and Kosher wines, plus one club that delivers gourmet bacon with every shipment which has got to be good (except, uh, for the Kosher folks I guess). With so many clubs to choose from and options for customization, wine club subscriptions also make a great gift.

Best of all, my monthly wine club subscription is a great opportunity to enjoy wine with my family and friends. Seeing that wine club shipment on my porch reminds me to carve time out for socializing and relaxing. Many wine club members that I know reserve their wines to enjoy over a monthly dinner with friends. I like to plan a date night with my wife, like dinner at a BYOB restaurant paired with an evening at the theater or a movie. We also enjoy having friends over for dinner, or even just wine and cheese. There’s no wrong way to enjoy a bottle of wine, and it’s a great feeling knowing you’re uncorking a