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People are fond of exploring by travelling and hiking especially with their love ones but there are times that they can meet accidents during their exploration time. Some of the injuries that they may acquire are sprained ankle, fractured wrist and ankle, and many similar injuries that involve dislocation, fracture or sprain.

Small children especially those who are at the age of 3 to 5 years old, are very curious with their surroundings that no matter how hard you try to correct them on not to do the things that might cause them accident, they will still do it when you are not near their presence.

Children love to play hide and seek or tag of war which requires them to run and jump which put them at risk in acquiring injury like dislocated wrist as the most common. The bone in the wrist is misaligned leaving malformation, pain, and swelling on the injured area.

The severity of the sprained wrist had different level or grade depending on the ligament involved and injured. Mild pain or grade 1 may involve a ligament which could be stretch but it is not torn, while grade 2 or moderate sprain have some torn ligaments and the other function of the wrist may loss. Severe sprain which is grade 3 sprain has a completely torn ligament and due to the tearing motion a bone may had pulled too that requires surgery for information just check my blog.

In caring for the wrist that is dislocated, the approach is also depending on the severity of the sprain. For grade 1 sprain, you should rest the injured part and apply ice compress which have anaesthetic effect that will help you to ease the pain the compression must be 20 to 30 minutes intervals. To immobilize the injured part to be more effective you can use bandage. You should also elevate it above your heart level to helps reduce swelling.

For grade 2 sprain, you should put a splint over the injury to immobilize the injury and to promote faster healing that can be worn for a week or more than a week depending on with the doctor’s instruction. For grade 3 sprain, surgery is needed to perform to reconnect the ligament that was torn and to re-align the bones that has misaligned.

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