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More and more hospitals, GUM clinics, healthcare centres and alike are offering their patients WiFi access. Social Wifi is something we have come to expect when it comes to businesses such as hotels, however it is not something that we commonly associate with the healthcare environment. Nonetheless, many professionals predict we will be doing so in a few year times as more and more businesses are embracing this opportunity. This article will delve deeper into providing a compliant WiFi hotspot solution in a healthcare environment. It will look at the options at your disposal and how going down this route can benefit your patients and your business as well.
One of the major benefits associated with employing WiFi solutions on the whole is the fact that they are fantastic for situations whereby high dwell times occur. Take shops for examples. If customers are waiting in the queue then they can take to their phone and browse on Facebook in order to pass the time. It goes without saying that healthcare environments can be one of the worst for waiting times. After all, there is no telling how long a patient will require attention and consequently waiting times can become bigger and bigger and bigger. In addition to this, there are times whereby people are required to stay in a health centre or hospital for an extended period of time. If this is unexpected then the person will have brought nothing with them to keep them entertained. However, doesn’t everybody take their phone with them nowadays? Thus, no matter whether they have to stay in your care for three hours or three days, they will have the World Wide Web to keep them busy. Retail Wifi
When it comes to the healthcare environment providing a WiFi solution is not as simple as it may be in other industries. This is because this is a business type whereby confidentiality lies at the core. There are lots of legislations surrounding the healthcare world. Furthermore, your hospital or centre may have your own policy in place which conflicts with traditional WiFi solutions. This is why you need to find a company who provides a compliant WiFi hotspot solution for the healthcare industry specifically. Make sure they have experience in this industry and that their solutions are flexible. By doing this