Beta Chapter

Rochester, New York, United States

Lambda Alpha Upsilon was founded on December 10, 1985 at the State University of New York at Buffalo. The sixteen founding fathers had a dream of uniting the Latino community and raising the awareness of Latino culture on their campus. Since then, Lambda Alpha Upsilon has continued to work hard to keep that dream alive. Through community service, educational, and entertaining functions, Lambda Alpha Upsilon strives to perpetuate its Latino-oriented culture at the University of Buffalo and abroad.

Although Lambda Alpha Upsilon is a Latino-oriented fraternity, membership is not limited to students of Latino descent. The brotherhood enjoys and welcomes a vast and diverse group of individuals representing many ethnic backgrounds. It uses this diversity to learn from its members and preserve its strong fraternal bond. Lambda Alpha Upsilon is constantly looking for bright, energetic and professional men who hold the same vision and are willing to grow with us; both as members of existing chapters or as founding Hermanos of new chapters.

The Beta chapter of Lambda Alpha Upsilon Fraternity Incorporated was chartered on April 17, 1993 when five outstanding students from the Rochester Institute of Technology were inducted into the fraternity. Through their dedication and hard work, they formed a bond within themselves and the fraternity that has become the foundation of a new and unique brotherhood at the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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    • Rochester Institute of Technology