Betaforce PC

BetaForce PC’s originated from a contract manufacturer building custom high performance gaming computers, workstations, and servers for the past eight years. Over that time, our clients relied upon us to deliver high-quality; durable products and we delivered on every occasion. Over time the team at BetaForce has developed a tremendous amount of experience overclocking and performance-tweaking the latest bleeding edge hardware. Naturally, with all this valuable experience under our belt the next step was to branch out on our own, cut out the middle man, and start selling our own systems directly to the consumer. Our staff and executive team are themselves passionate gamers who have taken that passion and invested it into every single BetaForce PC from the moment the gaming computer is built to the time it ships to you. BetaForce PC understands what drives a true gamers’ soul. Our engineers are ready; our customer service staff is primed because the same fire that drives gamers drives our staff and the products we make which is why we believe BetaForce systems will be the only choice for gamers.