Days of Poker players’ frustration have gone. They need not to be worried with their payment timely. No need to wait for days, weeks or months.

Bitcoin , the open source virtual currency, made an innovative payment network and ended all uncertainty of payment. Now they can deposit and withdraw from poker room instantly and without difficulty.

If you want to start Bitcoin Poker you have to download Bitcoin wallet. To hold this virtual currency there are two ways . You can mine from your computer or purchase it. Mining process is difficult and lengthy. Easy and quick process is to purchase bitcoin at market price on a bitcoin exchange and transfer it to your bitcoin wallet address.
Playing Bitcoin poker is same as playing with real money. But it has some big differences.

Some bitcoin poker clubs have chips. 100 chips is equal to one bitcoin. It can be broken more and more parts to increase it flexibility. it is possible to send and receive 0.00000001 of a bitcoin, but this does also make the thought of a poker table 0.00000001/0.00000002 blinds very confusing. European poker rooms often allow bitcoin deposits to play with € chips; however American poker rooms often simplify bitcoin chips.

Deposit and withdrawal can be done in the real time with Bitcoin. You can have your funds in the chosen poker room instantly. Thus you can be proud owner of some bitcoins.

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