Beth Grosshans

Author and Clinical Child Psychologist in Vero Beach, Florida

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Beth Grosshans has committed over 20 years to the discipline of child psychology, becoming an invaluable guide to numerous families navigating the intricacies of parenting. Despite the breadth of her experience, her focus remains constant: to empower parents with the knowledge and skills they require to raise self-assured, respectful, and well-behaved children.

Many parents arrive at her practice feeling defeated, recounting episodes where their children exhibit poor impulse control, irrational behavior, or anxiety-induced resistance to daily activities like attending school or participating in social events. Sleep disturbances, eating disorders, and toileting struggles are frequently discussed.

Recognizing the emotional toll these challenges take on families, Beth's primary mission is to offer effective, compassionate strategies tailored to individual needs. She understands that mastering basic life skills like self-control, respect, and cooperation is essential for the child and maintaining familial harmony.