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The YouTeach Vision
"Teaching is the profession that creates all other professions."
When Universal Primary Education becomes a reality of our world, when all children have access to education regardless of where they live and the circumstances of their lives, they will say, "YouTeach gave us the key.”

The Problem
Over 57 million children need teachers.
According to recent UNESCO statistics, the world needs to train 6.8 million teachers by the year 2015. Existing, traditional colleges are not keeping up with this huge and growing demand.

The Solution
Serious teaching needs serious, accredited teachers.
The YouTeach degree of Education will be from a leading, accredited Teaching College. As with physical degrees, students will be required to pay tuition, attend classes, complete assignments, and sit for exams. Additionally, students will be required to fulfill the internship requirements of the accrediting institution. Those students who successfully complete their studies will receive a B.Ed (Bachelor of Education).

Why YouTeach?
Obtaining a B.Ed. requires students to complete Practice Training, also known as an Internship. Up until now, fully online Education degrees have not been available due to the difficulty of implementing a high-quality, distance Internship program. YouTeach will fill this gap; it will enable online Internships to be completed via a mobile-based technology allowing for distance monitoring and evaluation of interns’ practical training (patent pending).

The YouTeach Mission
Our mission is to provide a practical, accredited online degree in Education, delivering teachers wherever they are needed.

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