Beth Pirkey

New Berlin, Wisconsin

Do what makes you happy Be with who makes you smile Laugh as much as you breathe Love as long as you live ♥ I love to write, and I collect more books than I actually read. Without my contacts or glasses, I'm basically blind, but I'm rather clumsy regardless. I absolutely hate getting lost so I usually print out mapquest and use a GPS but I still freak out in road construction; it's unavoidable. Coffee and tea keep my days going in the positive direction and so do my family and friends. I have more athletic shoes than I know what to do with and high heels make me feel wobbly sometimes but I wear them because they look cute and I'm shorter than I'd like to be. I am generally low maintenance, but I overanalyze everything even if I don't make it public knowledge. I want to live somewhere that stays more mild for most of the year and I think that place might be Colorado. My dream house will have a wrap around porch and a swing with a garden in the back. I collected pictures of houses in Chile and I will combine the archetecture to create my own. I want to own my own business-maybe a coffee shop/book store? Maybe something that won't go under? I hate to be complacent so I followed the spontaneous dream to study in South America and I absolutely loved it in Valparaiso and plan to go back as soon as I can. I will never forget the day I left Chile, but I know traveling is going to be a part of my life forever now-- I want to see everything! Big things in the years to come, and I adore that I share it all with the love of my life. Couldn't be luckier :)

  • Work
    • Direct Supply Equipment and Furnishings
  • Education
    • Eisenhower High
    • University of Wisconsin–Whitewater
    • Cardinal Stritch University