Beth and Susan

Beth lives in Illinois while Susan abides in Texas

We have experience proofreading and editing fiction and nonfiction, all genres including children’s' and young adult. Let us be your book editor. We guarantee our work.
Beth and Susan are partners in the Expert Book Editing Services and the freelance writing company RCK Writing Project.

Beth Ann Weber earned her MFA from Spalding University and her MA and BA in English from Truman University. She has taught composition for many years and lives on the banks of the Mississippi in Quincy, Illinois, writing stories, riding horses, and causing trouble. She has numerous short stories and recently completed her first novel Shopping for Nipples. Beth specializes in all fiction genres with special interest in literary fiction.

Susan Arscott started her career as a teacher at a Catholic Girls High School, teaching there until she thought her head would explode from all of the ideas and questions from her teenaged students. Thinking it would be easier, she foolishly switched from teaching to the ridiculously impossible position of professional fundraiser. After spending over 15 years begging strangers for money, she gathered what little pride she still had and enrolled in Spalding University's MFA program. She is the author of At The End of Normal and is currently working on two other middle grade novels. Susan specializes in children's and young adult fiction and nonfiction as well as technical writing.

  • Work
    • Expert Book Editors: Both Fiction and NonFiction
  • Education
    • Both Beth and Susan have MFAs in writing from Spalding University.