Bethany Marshall

Student in Liverpool, United Kingdom

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Drama student from the lovely city of Liverpool!

My hobbies include: acting (obviously!), singing, writing scripts that I never complete and song lyrics that I never put music to, reading and spending time with the people I care about.

I am a dreamer and a procrastinator, an introvert and an extrovert - basically, I'm a walking contradiction! I am working on becoming a more together person at the moment though, starting with getting the blog I've wanted for a long time up and

My blog with be called 'My Tricky 'Trichy' Life' because I will mainly be using it as a platform to discuss my impulse-control disorder Trichotillomania, but I hope that this will help me start using the voice I know I have!

If there is anymore you would like to know about me, contact me through social media or take a look at my blog.