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Bethany Baker

Bethany Baker is a historical Christian fiction writer about to launch the first of her two books, set in Bailey's Harbor, Wisconsin, on the shores of Lake Michigan. After teaching for 9 years, she now homeschools her 7 year old, Carson, while also enjoying her 15 month old, Cole.


Bethany's inspiration for writing her first novel, The Light in Bailey's Harbor, came from a summer vacation to Door County, Wisconsin, where she visited Cana Island Lighthouse in Bailey's Harbor. She was only 16.

Through graduation from high school, undergrad and graduate school in Early Childhood Education, marriage, and 5 years of teaching, Bethany worked on her book, eventually finishing it in 2008, a month before the birth of her first child.

The pursuit to publish became interrupted when her son, Carson, was born. Every newborn is challenging, but Carson was born with a unilateral cleft lip and bilateral cleft palate. Manuscripts were pushed aside to make room for hospital paperwork, scheduling Carson for specialist appointments, and cranial facial surgeries.

After 5 years of re-writing, editing, and submitting her manuscript to literary agents, Hartline Literary Agency is now working with Bethany to find a publisher for her first novel.


Bethany views her writing talent as a gift from the Lord. Weaving personal life experiences into her stories, she hopes to create a work that encourages others and reassures them that the Lord will never leave them nor forsake them, and that when we rest in the Lord, we can truly say, "It is well with my soul."

What Keeps Bethany Busy

Teaching first and third graders filled Bethany's time for nearly 10 years. This year, Bethany decided to stay at home with her six month old Cole, and homeschool her six year old, Carson.