Bethany Cramer

New Jersey, United States

Bethany Cramer

New Jersey, United States

I always wanted to be the woman on the spot, the organizational fixer, and the person with all the answers. I’ve learned in my career so far how to be those things while also being the one who asks the right questions, knows the right rocks to turn, and the best data to analyze. I’m on a career quest to turn project management into an art form and constantly exceed the high standards I set for myself.

Some questions I may cause:

“How do you do it all?”

“How did you do it so quickly?”

“Do you really not drink coffee?"

Interested in:

Project leadership, personalized coaching, and concrete goal setting.

Information literacy and communicating with the public.

The process of preparing an employee or a customer for a new product release.

Advocating for the needs of the customer.

Using Knowledge Management skills to train better employees.

Better understanding user experience through hands-on testing.

In my free time I love:

Applying my professional skills in meaningful ways

Exploring new cultures via their cuisine (especially Mexican)

Modern day superheroes in all mediums (and Silver Age ones)

Games of all sorts (I have a favorite Scrabble word)

Sharing my love of all things nerdy (I've written for websites regarding feminist video game characters and the business of Comic Con)

Museums of all sorts

Getting to be a kid with my kid

  • Work
    • Ariba
  • Education
    • Rutgers University - Rutgers College
    • Rutgers University - School of Communication and Information