Bethany Deshpande

Student in Québec City, Québec, Canada

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I am a leader and able to communicate and propel great visions forward. I have a passion for making teams stick. I work hard and I work fast. I have experience in Northern environmental science, mathematics, and data analysis. I ask questions and write like a scientist. I take risks like an artist. I believe that planning is everything, but understand that the plan is nothing. I make things happen. I have a passion for entrepreneurship and continual improvement of protocols, processes, and self. I understand and can communicate complex ideas to everyone from high school and graduate students, to professional scientists, to my friends, and even to my grandmother. I am hoping to gain experience and broaden my perspectives in a business or consulting environment. I am seeking a team of inspiring individuals who can challenge and support me throughout my personal and professional goals.

  • Work
    • Laval University
  • Education
    • Double Honours BA - Mathematics, Health and Environmental Studies
    • MSc Biology
    • BEd