Bethany Joy Kann

hey! I'm a homeschooled 16 years old and I live in a little town called Christmas.

I'm a daughter of my two loving parents, Diane Gibbs Kann and Richard Kann and I'm one of 9 kids. The oldest to youngest are Devin, Zak, Oliver, Inessa, Galina, Joshua, and our two twin sisters Abigail and Rebekah, hehe I'm the one in between Joshua and Abigail.

I'm a seventh-day Adventist Christian and a great believer in the Lord our God and Jesus.

The place you'll find me most of the time is definitely in the kitchen! I have a lot of fun canning, and baking fresh breads! but I also like to spend time with my animals. I kinda own a little bit of each kind of animal, I currently own rabbits, Dwarf Goats, some Poodles, a Border Collie, a horse, and a cat.

My hobbies are mostly raising and showing rabbits, photography, sewing, sketching, cooking and baking. My life goal right now is to become a Proverbs 31 homestead Wife/Mother in the country and to take the steps along the way to learning to be one some day =).

Hehe I think I got the basics. check out my blog at and feel free to subscribe!