Bethany Sanner

I started a blog...and now I'm filling out a bio page. The only picture I can find to furnish this effort is a 20 week bump pregnancy shot. Oh well. In creating my blog, my ultimate intent is to share my testimony and thoughts in my head regarding that. I hope to uplift those within my small sphere of influence and give them something to think about. I know and love Jesus Christ (probably not as well as I could, but I'm working on it). I do know that He is real, that we are offered His grace and that He makes our lives into something amazing that we are incapable of achieving on our own. I love the words that testify of Him found in both the Bible and Book of Mormon. My life is forever changed for the better because Joseph Smith sought for truth, and God loved His children enough to restore it in its fullness in our day. I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.