Beth Basinger

Norwalk, Iowa

My mission with everyone around me is simple: Win their hearts and lead them to their personal best. There is nothing--minus my husband and children--more important to me than helping people realize their potential. I truly believe the heart of education lies in the relationship between a student and teacher (and we’re all teachers). For me, this foundation begins before a student enters my classroom, as we greet each other at the classroom door. During our time together, I work to forge a positive relationship built on trust, honesty, and caring by getting to know who students really are, understanding where they come from, what they bring to the table, and where their passions lie. I'm committed to making student voice an integral part of every educational opportunity. By establishing this positive culture, we are able to maximize our time and give and receive feedback to learn and grow together.

advising Yearbook & Newspaper

loves school activities, EdCamps, the power of social media, Pinterest projects, and baseball

  • Education
    • University of Iowa