Beth Brink

Marysville, Ohio

I'm a single mom of 2 great kids ages 9 and 14. I'm a full time Home Health Aide and I do love my job. I was working around 72 hours a week for about a year and I didn't get to see much of my kids most days. I'd wake them up in the morning for school and before they were even ready I'd head off to work. I wouldn't get home until after they were in bed. I backed my hours down to 52 a week for about another year and found myself getting really burnt out. I now work 35 - 37 hours a week.

On top of being a home health aide I promote The 90 Day Body By Vi Challenge. My first week on the program I lost 9lbs. It's been amazing. The product tastes great. Even my kids love it.

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