Beth Celo

Beth Celo serves as Executive Vice President of Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC, a healthcare service provider based in Glendale, California. In her position, Beth Celo oversees the healthcare agency’s day-to-day operations in acute care hospitals, long-term care facilities, and clinics throughout the county. A part of Interstate Rehabilitation Services since 1985, Celo cultivates close relationships with clients to ensure that their needs are fulfilled. Beth Celo works directly with Interstate Rehabilitation Services’ President to conduct vital contract negotiations to enhance development of the company, as well as its quality of care. Moreover, Beth Celo works closely with the company’s Vice President of Clinical Operations, the Vice President of Business Management, and the Quality Management Vice President. Founded over 20 years ago, Interstate Rehabilitation Services has established itself as a leader of healthcare and rehabilitation services in Glendale, California. Through the efforts of its team and Executive Vice President, Beth Celo, Interstate Rehabilitation Services, LLC provides patients superior care when recovering from injuries. Additionally, Interstate Rehabilitation Services supplies premium, economical, and fast service to Southern California's leading medical facilities.