Beth Conroy

Acupuncturist in Jersey City, New Jersey

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Hi! I’m Beth. I’m a 40 yo single woman living in Jersey City NJ in a killer rent stabilized apartment, I travel to tropical lands multiple times a year, continue to tattoo my body much to my mothers chagrin, and love to stack my week full of self-care activities like massages, hip hop classes, restorative yoga and caffeinated coffee chats with friends. I own two private practice acupuncture offices, an insurance billing company that specializes in educating and training acupuncturists to accept insurance and build their net-worth, and am launching a new acupuncture practice coaching business this year.

You guys! I net 6 figures this year!!! And I am on my way to netting closer to the mid 6 figures by the end of 2017. And that 6 figures all came from my acupuncture practice nothing more. And no, I did not work crazy hours or see more then 5 (rarely 6) patients a day. And I only worked 4 and 1/2 days a week, I swear. And as of the 1st of January I am only working 4 days a week. I can only imagine this sounds crazy to most of you. As healers, and small business owners building private practices, most of us struggle to some extent. It takes time, resources and energy to cultivate a full practice. And once get there we often find our selves simply scraping by, and just making ends meet. We show up full-time for our business and our patients, but we can’t seem to bring in enough abundance to meet our needs (not just the basic survival needs, we have more). We come from a poverty mind-set as healers. We are not led to trust that building abundance is a good thing and that it’s ok to ask for fair exchange of money for our services. We are scared of people rejecting us based on our fees asked, and often give away our skills and services, which negatively impacts ourselves and in turn doesn’t ultimately serve your ideal client either. Let’s prosper, let’s help out patients be well, and lets support each other on our paths getting there. And believe me, your ideal clients also truly want to support you as well!! I hope to help you see another way of building your business that meets all of your very important needs.

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