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Beth Cornell

Born in western Pennsylvania, at age 18 began a journey through many strange and fascinating places, such as: Marriage, Georgia, Offset and Flexographic Printing, Meditation, Germany, Motherhood, Acrylic Painting, Home-Based Graphic Design, Illinois, Texas, Home-Based Business Ownership, Web Design and Development, Non-Profit Board Membership, Non-Profit Organization, Communication, Non-Violent Communication, Co-Habitation, Co-Operative Parenting, Arizona, Group Meditation, Group Dynamics, Psychology of Groups, Social Structures and Functions, Acute Care, Rehabilitation, Psycho-Social Considerations, Occupational Therapy, Art Therapy, Chios, Reiki, Meditation Retreat, Transitioning, CranioSacral Therapy, Walking Meditation, Pediatric Sensory Integration, Sensory Awareness, Grief, End of Life, Beginning of Life, Bardo Practice... etc.