Beth Frederick

I'm a community activist involved with several local animal charities. A house isn't a home until we share it with a soul who barks, meows, whinny's, or tweets. I share my home with several such souls, or maybe they share with me. Sometimes it's hard to tell who shares with who, until it comes time to write the checks for the squeaky toys and jerky treats.

My field is green energy. In 2005 My husband, sister, and I, loaded our SUV with four dogs and a few suitcases. We drove to Guatemala, and for six years we explored solar and wind self sustainable living alternatives, as well as urban permaculture projects all over Central America.

Today I'm a solar consultant. I'm one of the lucky few who get paid to do what I love, and what I'm great at... Saving people money, protecting the environment, and doing it with little or no money out-of-pocket. That last part (little or no money out-of-pocket) being the most challenging and of course the most rewarding part of my job. Fortunately, I'm surrounded by super talented people who share my goals and help make this possible, one home, one family at a time.

~The sun... Provideing clean, safe, reliable energy for over four and a half billion years.