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CEO, LinkedIn Trainer, and Speaker in the United States

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▶️Social selling (which really should be called social prospecting) and professional branding can be confusing. I help you make sense of it and embrace its power.

People are often afraid, even if they don't admit it, of clicking in the wrong place or saying the wrong thing.

Call what I do training, coaching, or sales enablement. Whatever you call it, I remove fear and accelerate the LinkedIn, social sales, and social media learning curve.

I work with organizations and individuals who build their business through referrals to extend their networking, prospect, and build their brand using LinkedIn.

▶️So, tell me about you:

✓ Even though your business is successful, are you afraid you aren't getting enough qualified sales leads or that your sales team isn't as effective as they could be?

✓ Are you concerned about the lack of a trusted adviser to help navigate the social landscape, overwhelmed by all the possible platforms, and don't know where to begin?

✓ Are you worried that your employees are not representing your company appropriately online?

These questions and more are how I learn about you, your business, and your competitors. That's how I learn what makes you unique. Then I help you with strategies to surpass your goals. When clients are asked why they work with me the answer is often: She listened!

l love helping people who may not be comfortable with technology to embrace its power.

My typical student is a business owner who doesn't have a marketing person, sales leaders who are concerned about their teams making their numbers, and those who want to advance in their careers who are fearful that their resumes go into a black hole.

▶️Recent talks and programs that can be presented in person or virtually:

• Boost your professional brand using LinkedIn

• Filling Your Sales Funnel Using Linkedin

• Five Steps to Shape Your Social Strategy

• Using LinkedIn During a Pandemic, is it Business as Usual, or not?

I'm also a connector; teaching people to find, join, and grow their businesses online or in person. I am the Long Island host of LinkedIn Local, a series of in-person events, now online, designed to let us meet the people behind the profiles.


Call 516-515-1213 to discuss your goals or challenges, if you'd like to set up a training session, or to hire me to speak at your group or organization.


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