Beth Hegberg

Cherry Hill, NJ

Knowing how immensely it would help if more people became familiar with the organization, Community Board of Overseers member and supporter Beth Hegberg took on the task of gathering a committee of friends and neighbors to execute an awareness event February of 2012. Organizing the committee in charge of the affair, Beth Hegberg was the designated Chairperson who made sure everything went as planned and many new people would grace the event with their attendance. Executed to raise awareness about the work that Community Options has been doing, the February event highlighted the need for support that people with disabilities had in the state of New Jersey. By encouraging so many new people to attend, Beth Hegberg was able to give ample support towards raising $4,000 for the work of Community Options. Held in the Mendham, New Jersey home of Scott and Alex Leibold, the event mounted by Beth Hegberg and the committee also featured wonderful hors d’oeuvres prepared-and donated for the event- by none other than Peter Dulligan, chef and owner of Griffin’s Bar and Grill and trustee on the Community Options Board of Directors. With President and CEO Robert Stack speaking to the guests to give a brief informal introduction to the organization, the event also enabled more people to get their questions about the work of Community Options answered. Hopefully, Beth Hegberg continues supporting Community Options’ future undertakings so as to help people with disabilities obtain empowerment to live more productive lives and make their own choices in the exploration of their human potentials.