Bethan Johnston

Bethan Johnston

These days we all gleam what we can about people from their social media status', profiles and posted photos, but these are sculpted to portray the image of what people want us to think of them. Rarely is a bad photo posted or a status posted about someone's recent failure, unless intended to make us laugh, and then the status is really intended to make us think that they are a hilarious person, not a failure at all.

So, who am I? What do my profiles say about me. Twitter says:

"Wife, Mother, music lover. Love children's clothes/accessories/toys & write a blog all about it. Cheshire Rep for Me & I - Swedish Fashion for Cool Kids."

I am a wife, sometimes a good one and sometimes a not so good one. I hope that I am never a bad wife, but as we should all admit, we cannot get everything right all of the time. I love wholeheartedly and my husband is my best friend. I am a mother, a fairly new one. Whether I am a good one, I don't know. I am all I can be, I try hard to make her life a good one, I try to be patient and I try to be fun, again I cannot get this right all of the time. I hope she will forgive me for when I am too tired to sing "Row, row, row your boat" for the 35th time that morning.

I am most definitely a music lover. There is barely a genre I don't find some joy in, and I am still discovering more. The Little Lady is already musical, she moves to any music she hears and it makes me smile. I hope that she will grow up hearing all types of music.

I do have a real passion for kids fashion and decor and I love writing my blog and all the people I get to interact with through it.

What does it NOT tell you?

I also love food; there's nothing I can do about it. Having spent nearly 10 years around or within restaurants I have learnt about food, and a bit about cooking it and a lot about eating it. I have ongoing issues with how I look and these mainly stem from my reluctance to give up eating nice food. Wine is my vice, I probably drink to much of it, at least I think that's what my husband would tell you!

Also, as we all have those parts of us we don't shout about, I am 31 years old and scared of the dark. That I ride horses and think there is nearly nothing better for the human soul that interacting with horses. That I can be really insecure, that I can be hard to live with and that I set my standards to high for my own good - in everything I do.

I am me.