Beth Kelan

Beth Kelan

Beth Kelan wrote the 'Saviour' trilogy whilst living in the depths of the Cambridgeshire fens. When not writing she can be found wandering the forests of Norfolk and Suffolk or exploring ruined churches and abandoned buildings around the UK.

Three supernatural mysteries introducing Nick Travis, forensic artist, were published in 2014. She is also working on a new project for release in 2015.

The Saviour Trilogy
Part 1: Haunted

A romantic weekend away in the Lake District is interrupted by a phone call that brings back the nightmares forensic artist Nick Travis wanted to put behind him. Helping to identify the remains of a young boy means he risks facing a ghost from his own past. Plagued once again with dreams of his own missing brother, Nick is stalked by the prime suspect for the murder of the boy - a man who has been dead for years.

Nick struggles to keep his sanity, his marriage, and his professional credibility intact while trying to reunite another family; however the puzzle of the child's identity will remain unsolved... unless Nick surrenders and uses the psychic gift he tries so hard to ignore.

Part 2: Buried

Nick becomes the focus of a dark obsession whilst helping to identify the skull of a teenage girl unearthed on a building site on the outskirts of Ely, Cambridgeshire.

Lonely and in a strange city, glimpses into the past leave him fearful of the future, while a chance meeting with a young woman threatens to derail his life.

Struggling to use his psychic talent and keep it under control, Nick is implicated in a violent crime and under suspicion from one of his oldest friends... and his worst nightmare is about to become reality...

Part 3: Revelation

Nick wants to rebuild his life, but retreating to the solitude of a Suffolk forest proves more unnerving than he could ever have imagined. His past follows him there, despite being put to rest, and those closest to Nick fall victim to the consequences of his childhood mistake.

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