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Web Analytics, Digital Marketing in Florida

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Brief Bio: NW Florida girl born and raised. Currently working in an industry research, digital marketing and business development role for a concrete demolition firm within the energy sector. Sounds boring, but it is actually quite interesting, I can assure you! On weekends, you can find me hitting an extreme exercise class and spending time with my beautiful family soaking up all that our southern town has to offer-including sugar white beaches.

Update 4//2015:New job working for a Cloud-based security vendor analyzing and reporting the moving parts of their digital marketing strategy from web analytics, to SEO to AdWords advanced strategies. Rest assured, I will always have a soft spot of demolition equipment and large-scale infrastructure projects. I even kept my hard hat.

Interests + Hobbies: Exercise, tech, digital marketing, reading the WSJ and wine.

Favorite Books: To Kill a Mockingbird, A Tree Grows in Brooklyn and The World According to Garp. Currently reading the Steve Jobs book which goes to show how terribly behind the times I am on my reading list. I am at the part where he is pretty much a jerk to everyone and everybody. :)

Quirks: Never being quite satisfied with my color scheme and name font, southpaw, having to contain myself from going into full dance mode when a catchy song comes over any muzak system and deathly afraid of stink bugs or otherwise known as the brown marmorated (BMSB). I had one fly in my hair as I child and I have never gotten over it.

Personal Philosophy: Life's best antidotes can be found in any Steve Winwood song. Roll With it or Higher Love, anyone? Disclosure: I'll admit I hastily posted up my page. After viewing all the stellar profiles, I need to get with the program. Professional image and well rounded bio soon to follow.

Cheers, Y'all!

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