Beth Melton

Chilhowie, Virginia

I am a widowed single mother of a 8 year old blessing of a wonderful son. I try to always keep my word and respect everyone with the same way I want to be respected. I love my family and I thank God every single day and night for giving me another day with them healthy and together. I find that true wealth is not made up of money it's made up by good health good family and good memories. As far as I am concerned I am blessed. I have lived through some of the hardest things mentally and physically that person can make it through. Loosing my husband and home on a cold February night when my world stopped. I have survived 2 episodes of bilateral PE for laymen that is blood clots in both lungs in 2008 and 2012. And this February the 19 will make the 4 the year I have woke up and known my husband was not beside me,and yes you still think about it even that long every day. My biggest blessing of my life was my God given son. Something I never dreamed of or never thought I could do but here I am Mommy. All in All there has been a smile for every tear.

  • Education
    • Holston high school
    • Virginia Highlands Community College