Beth Langston

My name is Beth, I love people and I love to sell and develop new buisness! I am a good listener, responsive, creative and honest. I am knowledgeable, especially when it comes to my products AND my competitors! Nothing ventured, nothing gained are words which drive me daily. I am not afraid of taking risks and am persistent in attaining my goals. No is not part of my vocabulary when pursuing my goals. I don't hear it, instead I hear "not right now."

Be willing to put yourself in front of people and do not be afraid of asking for what you want. Make sure you also train yourself to be a good listener. The most successful people in life and in business are those who genuinely listen to others and learn. They in turn put that knowledge to good use in order to get the job done, close the sale and keep their customers happy.

Be passionate in life and in business. It's contagious and will give you a competitive edge. You will make friends and you will be successful in your business endeavors. Now go out and sell something and enjoy your job as well as the people you come into contact with while doing it!