Beth Myers

My name is Beth Myers. I have an MA in cognitive psychology and a Master's of Library and Information Science. After years of working in my community as an outreach librarian, I am excited to be teaching in what I consider to be the funnest and most interesting field - psychology.

I have spent several years as a community services librarian in a rural area in South Carolina. This outreach position allowed me to read aloud to hundreds of people. I have done research on language processing, focusing on how people understand ambiguity in language. I have spent hours upon hours reading books and articles about the brain and how people perceive, learn, and remember, as well as how adults can change their brains for the better. I have also worked as a substitute in a rural school, taught introductory psychology at the college level, and worked as a consultant for a group who trains educators to work with students who learn differently.

These various experiences have given me a very diverse background in learning, education, and how we can develop ourselves as people.