Beth Patasso

A skilled accountant with a wide range of management and organizational expertise, Beth Patasso works with the research-driven international health care company Merck & Co., Inc., as the firm’s STS business lead for SAP accounts payable implementation. In this capacity, Beth Patasso is responsible for implementing enterprise resource planning systems worldwide for the accounts payable modules of Merck entity companies, which are located in over 60 countries. Her duties include delivering the global SAP design to relevant markets, working with developers to build system functionality, creating training materials and leading training sessions, and providing issue resolution support.

This position is the latest in a series of increasingly central roles Patasso has assumed within Merck & Co. during a working relationship of more than 20 years. She has previously served the company as an accounts payable manager, financial operations manager, and accounts payable migration manager. Just prior to taking up her current position, Patasso worked as PtP international operations manager during Merck’s Canadian Accounts Payable Integration Project, handling all aspects of the company’s centralization of its accounts payable function into the United States.

In recognition of her superior ability to manage complex and detailed functions, her excellent leadership and communication skills, and her many valuable contributions to the firm, Merck & Co. has honored Beth Patasso with numerous awards during her career. In addition to the Award for Management Excellence, she has twice received the Merck Finance Award for her work on the company’s Accounts Payable Migration Project and Canadian Accounts Payable Integration Project respectively.