Be'Trice Ronique Donald

Ms. Be’ Trice Ronique Jenkins Donald / Founder of Master Needles Alteration & Tailoring Shoppes Be' Trice, is an Entrepreneur, Author and Speaker. Be 'Trice started her business in her home during Jr. High School. She attended Southwest Community College of Memphis and took arts courses from the Art Institutes International of St. Paul Minnesota. In August 1987 she opened her first business, Master Needles Alteration & Tailoring Shoppe. Having built her first business in 1987, she then opened other locations. Be' Trice lives and operates Master Needles I, in Memphis, TN.

Be 'Trice acknowledged Jesus Christ as the Son of God, Savior and Lord at the age of 12. She renewed her relationship with the Lord on January 8, 1984.

Having studied and taught the Word of God for several years, she sought the Lord in the fall of 2003, about how she could better share all the beautiful truths that had been poured into her over the years. She clearly heard the voice of the Lord saying to her:

"Put it in a book. That's your biggest audience."

In 2004, Be 'Trice went from pen and paper to a laptop, and begun writings a book that has blossomed into a 5 part series. Her first book:

"God's Appointed Destiny (Life A pre-planned Destiny)," was published, by Tate Publishing, INC.

The next 4 series, "Destiny Hidden In A Name" / "Who Can Find A Faithful Man?" / "From Trials To Triumph" "The Last Subpoena" are awaiting their appointed time to be polished and published. Pray Through The Bible (From Genesis to Revelation) for leaders, one for teens and one for children, and "From Rhinestones to Diamonds & Now More Precious Than Rubies (Moving Women from Low Self-esteem to Beyond Priceless)" are also apart of her future collection of books.

Be' Trice is a very insightful and prolific writer, and she is as beautiful as her writings. Be'Trice books will inspirie and encourage you. Stay tune for upcoming releases. For a sneak preview of future books go to: